NSI-189: Effects, Benefits, side effects

What is NSI-189?

NSI-189 is a nootropic compound currently being studied by Neuralstem in order to use it to treat several psychiatric disorders like depression and neurodegenereative diseases.


This compound was discovered using phenotypic screening with a library of 10,269 compounds that promoted neurogenesis.

In 2014, NSI-189 completed a phase 1 clinical trial where it was administered to 24 patients for treating MDD (Major depressive disorder), with its results published in 2015. In 2017 it was announced that a phase 2 clinical trial failed to meet its effectiveness endpoint in MDD.

In the following months, more detailed analysis revealed that a regular consumption of 40 mg/day dose improves various aspects in cognition, notably improvements in memory, working memory, and executive functioning.

NSI-189 is still being researched in order to treat a variety of other neurological conditions, including traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, stroke, and to prevent cognitive and memory decline in aging.

What are NSI-189 Properties?

Despite NSI-189 still not being a well-studied compound, it is already famous among the nootropics community.

Users of NSI-189 report benefits such as improved memory, better social skills, sharpness of vision, and overall better cognitive skills.

How to take NSI-189?

In its second clinical test NSI-189 showed promising effects when took in such doses as 40mg/day, 80mg/day (40mg twice a day), or 120mg/day (40mg three times a day). Positive effects were observed to appear starting from the 28th day of regular NSI-189 assumption.

NSI-189 can be bought in powder, and as such it can be taken orally or via sublingual intake.

What are NSI-189 side effects?

Some users claimed to have experienced side effects such as irrational anger, fatigue, drowsiness, anxiety, headaches, social phobia, memory issues, and cognitive impairment.

Although some of NSI-189 alleged side effects are contradictory with its positive effects, none of these effects have been confirmed as real, as NSI-189 is still an experimental compound and no one knows its long-term side effects.

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